How Past Companies Screwed Me and my Clients

Auto-Renew (opt-out meaning it is on by default, many times without notice, ahead of schedule). Many sites I wanted to close got auto-renewed without any previous notice. Then it’s totally up to you to harrass them, follow them up until you get your refund. The time and energy isn’t even worth the refund sometimes but it’s just the principle of it, and if you don’t there’s no telling what else they will auto-charge you for.

Domain Privacy – again it’s free for the first year, auto-renew and ridiculously expensive on year 2

Misleading Promos – it was cheap on year one, ridiculous at year two. The promo-price wasn’t a lock-in thing. It only applied to the first year and they said nothing in the promotional materials

Neverending upsells – they don’t stop asking you for more money- and they do it inside Cpanel- yes while you’re working, debugging, etc they harrass you with ads that look like features in the dashboard.

Tech Issues – downtime only with one particular company but it was enough to make me swear forever never to use it. They also make it troublesome for you to leave, close your account, move your WordPress website out with weird settings. WordPress doesn’t always run well, or it will look like it does and then a plugin will fail.

Bad Support – clincher. They blame you. Wait forever in chat. Wait forever for a ticket to be replied to, money to be refunded.

I said enough is enough and started my own hosting previously open only to them. Now it’s open to you.


One price

Big and fast enough (shared)

WordPress 100% compatible and 99.9% of the plugins

Friendly Support from Me